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    Fire Alarm systems

    IRIS DOMOTIQUE is your provider and advisor about all kind of fire alarms systems for: factories, campanies and offices.


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    SMART IP Cameras

  • Pointeuse a empreintes, détection faciale, cartes ...

    Biometric ID

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  • Delivery

Deliveries are in store for small items, or by our transport and free to the installation site.

  • Technical assistance

After completion of the project is still in listening to answer your questions.

  • Our methods of payment

Cash, checks, transfer. and VISA, Master card, CMI in our store.

About US:


We are a Moroccan company based in Tangier and El Jadida, our specialties are the automation and building security, or what we call SMART HOMES.

In the near future, open a garage door key will be forgotten, security systems will be an extension of the human senses.

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